Knoxville American Marketing Association

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Chapter Recognition

The KAMA has become one of the most recognized chapters in the American Marketing Association international chapter network.

2003-2004: AMAF Chapter Honor Roll
2002-2003: AMA International Chapter of the Year
2002-2003: Merit Award for Communications
2002-2003: Merit Award for Financial Performance
2002-2003: Merit Award for Chapter Management
2002-2003: AMAF Chapter Honor Roll
2000-2001: Best in Class
1999-2000: Highest Honors Award
1998: Special Merit Award for Outstanding Financial Performance
1997-1998: Highest Honors Award
1996-1997: AMA Foundation Award for First Community Outreach Program
1995-1996: Highest Honors Award
1994-1995: Chapter Excellence Award
1993-1994: Member-Get-A-Member Campaign, First Place
1993-1994: Special Merit for Outstanding Financial Performance
1992-1993: Highest Honors Award
1991-1992: Highest Honors Award
1991-1992: Member-Get-A-Member Campaign, Second Place
1990-1991: AMA International Chapter of the Year
1990-1991: Get-A-Member Campaign, First Place
1989-1990: Special Merit Award for Chapter Management
1988-1989: Highest Honors Award
1988-1989: Outstanding New Chapter