Knoxville American Marketing Association

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President’s Awards

Volunteer of the Year

This award, chosen by the current KAMA President, was created to recognize outstanding service by a Chapter volunteer.

2014-2015: Susan Napier-Sewell
2013-2014: Daniel Monday
2012-2013: Lisa Rupchak
2011-2012: Elizabeth Sawinski
2010-2011: Sharon Moore
2009-2010: Wynn Saggus
2008-2009: Laura Bower
2007-2008: Amy Styles
2006-2007: Billy Rivet
2005-2006: Michael Croyle
2004-2005: Cindy Hassil
2002-2003: Marisa Galick
2001-2002: Scott Bird
2000-2001: Linnette Seymour

Presidential Award of Marketing Excellence

2004-2005: Ashley Capps
2003-2004: Bush Brothers & Co.